Paulu, The Sun and War

Pieta, The Rain and Peace

Yami, The Dark Mother, The Sea Depths and Fertility

Tor, The Earth

Mikaboshi, The Darkness and Evil

Drathira (The Moon and Balence)

Modnar, The Thief, and The Inventor (Darkness and Lightside respectivly)

Li’Marolfe , The Beauty, and The Lust (Lightside and Darkness respectivly)

The Lark, Luck and campfires,Independence. (exploring and spreading civilization)

Iris, The Healer, and The Rainbow (Wife of Tor and daughter of Pieta)

The Tribunal (Justice/Karma)

The Raven Queen (Death and Peace and remembrance)

Thanos The Destroyer ( Killing and Assassinations)

Lorellai The Queen of madness

Other Notables


A Fire and Darkness Florimel