Ameilia Goddess of Air, Dusk, and Dreaming

Cazic Thule, The Darkness , Evil, and Fear

Drathira (The Moon and Magic, Balance)

Iris, The Healer, and The Rainbow (Wife of Tor and daughter of Pieta)

Li’Marolfe , The Beauty, and The Lust (Lightside and Darkness respectivly)

Lorellai The Queen of madness

Mo’Dnar The Thief, and The Inventor (Darkness and Lightside respectively)

Onuban Freedom , Harmony, and Revolution

Paulu, Of Fire and War

Pieta, The Rain and Peace

Penny Ravenswolf The Dawn Fairy, Goddess who brings the morning.( She serves The Lark)

The Lark, Goddess of The Sun, Daylight, luck and campfires, Also Independence. (exploring and spreading civilization)

The Miranda The Goddess of plant growth and fertility. Goddess most often prayed to by farmers

The Raven Queen (Death, Peace and the Night. Also remembrance)

The Tribunal (Justice/Karma)

Tor, The Earth

Yami, The Dark Mother, The Sea Depths and Fertility

Other Notables


A Fire and Darkness Florimel