Myrthrae Nimahvia

A young (for an Eladrin) sorceress who is fresh out of her magical schooling. She refused to leave her duties in her world, so she was left behind.


HP 22


INT +3

STR 14

CON 10

DEX 16

INT 13

WIS 10

CHA 16

AC 14


REF 13


8 Acrobatics

9 Arcana

7 Athletics

3 Bluff

8 Diplomacy

9 History

3 Intimidate

1 Religion

3 Stealth

3 Streetwise

3 Thievery

Lvl 1 Feat: Twist the Arcane Fabric

Background: Magic Scholar

Spell Source: Cosmic Magic

Magic Implement: Dagger

At-will 1: Energy Strobe

At-will 2: Blazing Starfall

Encounter 1: Ray of the Moon

Daily 1: Cosmos Call


  • Cloth Armor of Repulsion +1- made by Quintus; when an enemy moves into an adjacent square I can push them 1 square away as an immediate reaction until the end of the encounter.
  • Adventurer’s Kit- 15gp
  • Backpack- 2gp
  • Hempen Rope (50 ft)- 1gp
  • Travel Papers- 2sp
  • Torch- 1sp
  • Standard ID Papers- 2gp
  • Inquisitive’s Kit- 40gp
  • Dagger- 1gp

total: 62gp and 3sp


Myrth is a young, 54 year old Eladrin woman who has just completed her magical training. She’s very in tune with the cosmos involved in her world and draws her energy from the sun, moon, and stars. She’s very enthusiastic to start her first adventure and use her skills in the real world, since she’s only learned them in a training setting.

Myrthrae Nimahvia

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