A fun loving gnome who has pulled his fair share of pranks with more to be had.



Languages- Common, Elven

Feats-Bardic Knowledge
-Bardic Virtue(Prescience)
-Feyborn charm
-Ritual caster
-Fey trickster


Kis-Coss was abandoned on the steps of monastery by his mother when he was a baby when she could not afford to care for the child. In his childhood he was taken under the wing of an aging elven bard who also resided at the monastery teaching him to play the flute and tell tales. As the child grew, like all gnomes he developed a love of jokes and pranks and the aging elf had trouble keeping him out of trouble with the locals. But the pupil showed great talent and when he finally settled himself long enough to sit and play his flute crowds drew and listened. At the age of 45 KC’s mentor and the man he called father passed away and he decided it was time to move on and see the rest of the world. He gathered his few possessions along with the flute-staff he had made during his years along with his mentors old flute and a stack of magical journals and in early morning the young gnome walked into the sunrise the faint sound of music fading with the stars.


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