And the Titan died.

Paulu, the Sun, Fashioned his remains into the lands with the help of the Giants. Pieta, The Rain, caused the land to flower. And the people of the lands came to be.

But on the back of the Lands there was darkness. And there hid Mikaboshi, The Darkness itself. It changed its servant Yami, into a female to sire it’s own dark children. And thus came into being the people of the darkness.

Pieta took pity on the children of darkness and traveled there to bring the rain. Peita took a male form and when he saw Yami he was entranced. From this union came the children of the rain. Those who fight on niether side.

When Paulu saw this he was wroth, and declared war upon the forces of Darkness.But Pieta charged him not to touch the children of the Rain. And thus it is to this day.Light fights Darkness, and the rain falls on all.