A Fire and Darkness

Game 5: | The Three D's

After the comfort of Lord Dreary’s hospitality, the group decides to continue their quest by confronting the tunnels behind Lord Dreary’s rooms. Everyone wears a badge and Oriole takes point. At a fork in the tunnel, Oriole turns left and freezes as her torch light reveals a room full of blue and tan bodies. She yells and clawed hands reach out, pulling her sideways from the doorway. As the rest of the group come into view, they see dead things rising out of piled of more dead bodies in the room.
Battle Highlights: Saryn chops an undead to pieces with her flying seimintar, but it gets back up.

After clearing the room, Oriole takes point once again and follow a hall branching off the back wall of the dead thing room. To her left is a door which she opens to find a closet containing a blue bucket with ruins, mops and shredded towels. Concerned that this could be another undead nest, she closes the door; but then immediately pulls a 180 and opens the door that was to her back. She has just enough time to register a large room containing a huge roaring dinosaur skeleton before someone slams the door closed in her face. She then attacks Sky for asking “are you trying to help the undead”, but her attack misses. Before anyone can respond, the door is busted outwards – slamming Oriole into the closet – and the top of a huge skeletal skull is seen in the doorway. The group attacks.
Battle Highlights: Somehow during the battle Oriole finds her way onto the dino skeleton. She was still standing on it after Ru’ah used a thunder attack that knocked it prone.
Finally, the dino skeleton falls to pieces and the group can investigate the room. They find a large non-magical egg and a bed of mushrooms. They also discover that one of the walls is warm.

After a short rest, the group decides to proceed through a door embedded in the warm wall (another door, a set of large double doors, lines the back wall of the dino room). There they find four piles of smoldering charcoal with gold coins scattered around them. Quintos encourages further ‘investigation’ of the coins and half the group follows him into the room. As if triggered by their approach, four big winged creatures – with what appears to be cracked black rock hides with red showing through the cracks – rise out of the charcoal piles. With just enough time to identify these creatures as dragons (lvl 5 wormlings) the group launches into battle.
Battle Highlights: Quintos gets severely bitten and transported out of the room, but promply turns back into the room for more. Saryn shoots off a lightning attack which ignights the air in the room.
Four dead dragons later and the group opts for a much needed extended rest.



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