A Fire and Darkness

Game 4: | The Ruin Tunnels

The Adventurers travel into the underground ruin tunnels where they find bugs, bugs, and all those bug babies. They clear these and continue deeper underground. Then came the whispers; “The master is displeased… flee from the master”. Shortly after the first whispers, the group is attacked by little blue monsters that appear out of the walls. Looting these leads to the discovery of enchanted skull broaches, darts and dart guns, and a “voodoo” doll. The adventurers take a short rest.

About two more miles deeper underground, the tunnels dead ends at a door. On the other side of this door is a room with dead animals hanging overhead and an ancient skeleton, dressed in an even more ancient robe, ahead. Suddenly, the skeleton sits up and introduces himself as Lord Dreary; “Oh, visitors…”. In a British accent, he offers the adventurers tea and proceeds with non-stop small talk. The group learns quite a bit; the broaches are enchanted for safe passage through the tunnels; Lord Dreary’s rooms are enchanted to protect those within; Dreary mentions an old powerful girlfriend whom he misses; and he mentions a sorceress with powerful mind control powers and a need to unpack his things. (our DM informs us that he is a level 24 elite controller). The adventurers also learn that there are two doors off this room, both of which open to a dungeon; and beyond that dungeon, is a gated area into a tower. The group decides to take an extended rest before traveling further.

Aside: Once again, two new adventurers joined our group. From my understanding, Elka went back to her temple, found these two, and sent them our way. She remained at the Temple for a short time and will join us later.



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