A Fire and Darkness

Game 3: | Vampire Jak, Angelica, and that Crazy Barbarian

Traveling in the dark and keeping watch. Ru’ah (Eladrin Swordmage)is at the end of second watch when out of the dark an Eladrin appears with a particular interest in the adventurer mage (again, sorry about missing names) and throwing rocks. She nudges Saryn (Thiefling Swordmage) awake and then steps between the intruder and the mage. Short conversation yields little information; aside from Jak’s (the intruder) extreme interest in eladrin mages. Saryn attacks from behind. Her attacks, and those the other adventurers make once wakened, are fruitless. Even the attacks of Oriole (a wild Barbarian who appeared out of nowhere and seems to have a vendetta against anything inherently evil) fall harmlessly. Eventually the group learns that Jak is a vampire. But Jak has no interest in harming the group, and instead offers a warning in exchange for the group taking the wild barbarim with them. He warns that the necromancer they seek is evil and a powerful sorcerer capable of swaying even the stoutest of mind; powerful enough to worry even one such as himself. Then he leaves.

With Jak’s words fresh on their minds, the adventurers continue their journey. Bypassing giants and mammoths, they eventually stumble upon some ruins. After a bit of cursory exploration, they are once again attacked by the undead and prevail. And, thanks to KC’s ‘heroic climb into the tower window and gallant rescue of the imprisoned maiden’, the group meets Princess Angelica; who proceeds to heal the adventurers of their battle wounds. But there is suspicion. Where did this woman come from… and why are the guys being so accommodating to her? (males are making regular will checks). A door is found leading to some underground tunnels.

T hose most suspicious start meeting privately outside, and begin planning ways to test those they fear are enthralled. Quintos is tested first. After admitting that he would be willing to die for Angelica, Saryn knocks him out, and his unconscious body is promptly hidden. The suspicious ones return to find that the others have found another room of chests, KC and Oriole are enthralled, Johaan is partially enthralled, and Oriole has fallen through the hole leading to the underground tunnels. Sky and Phineous, who are not enthralled, choose to remain outside. The swordmages approach. Suddenly Saryn pushes Johaan down the hole and smashed Angelica’s ruby. A battle ensues. Many people get pushed down the hole – Ru’ah falls down the hole when she batches a roll during an attempt to push KC. In the end, Phineous kills Angelica, but the enthralled members still need to be knocked out to remove Angelica’s hold on them. After all of the adventurers have been returned to their senses and freed from the underground depths, the group takes a much needed extended rest.

Aside: In the chest room, there are scrolls and tablets with ritual ruins: Raise Dead(8), Speak with dead(6), Detect secret door(3), and Gentle Repose(1). The Scrolls (there were six) contain correspondences and modified rituals written in diamond dust. These rituals are modified to make them easier for lower level ritualist; they contain a supplication to the lord of the undead to ask questions. Due to the ritual of Amanuesis, a few of the scrolls have been copied and destroyed by group members; there are four left.



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