A Fire and Darkness

Game 2: | Where did that Dragon come from?

Before having a chance to leave for town, a huge dragon flies in demanding a reason for disturbing the blue box. A battle ensues. From his superior position on top of the column, the dragon seems to have the upper hand and is way out of reach of the adventurers. But the adventurers are resilient, and eventually find a way to ground the dragon. After a long, grueling battle, the dragon is slain-ed. The heroes proceed to loot the carcass – taking away blood, the teeth, the heart, and even some hide for potential armor – before proceeding to Rochrun.

In town, they sell some of their loot, rest, and take the time to update their gear and hone their skills. They also hear rumors of the horrible Temple of Tehuuue in the swamps; home of a necromancer and his zombies, and the adventurers next destination.

Aside: Three new adventurers joined the group around the time that the dragon appeared. They came floating in on a boat and choose to stay and fight. At the end of the battle, two choose to remain while the third floated away in her boat muttering something about …”those crazy people”.



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