A Fire and Darkness

Game 1: | The Beginning

A big blue flash beams from the lands under the Five Mountains. Wary travelers see this and travel toward it’s source. A recently escaped prisoner and an Eladrin from above joins them; a Thiefling follows from behind. They come upon a odd set of structures; a gray building and a tall column with a blue glowing box balancing at its top.

The adventurers approach the building first. Inside they find couches and tables, odd gray knives, empty books and pens, and a puzzle box. A large room with many walled off tables lies before them. They don’t get far before they are attacked by zombies. These are relatively easy to dispatch. Some of the adventurers find expensive glasses and bottles of liquid behind a counter (oddly this building seems to be set up like an outback steakhouse). Three doors lead from this room to the next; a room with long tables and wicked looking knives hanging from the ceiling. Here, they are attacked by two more zombies, who have the knack of blowing up upon true death (there was something about an explosion in another room during this battle, that I missed). Some if the adventurers choose to take up some loot, and the group takes a short rest before leaving.

Once outside again, one member of the group sprints into the column to check out what is inside (sorry, I don’t know everyone’s names yet). There is some crashing a a battle is fought with a glowing specter on the ground. In the aftermath, it is determined that the glowing blue box is filled with blue glowing two foot long tubes and that while some are broken, others are not. It is decided that some of these tubes need to be taken to town (The Town of Rochrun) to be studied and identified by more knowledgeable scholars. Many questions are left unanswered.



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